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What Rich People Know & Desperately Want to Keep Secret by Brian Sher

What Rich People Know & Desperately Want to Keep Secret by Brian Sher

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Would you like to know the secrets of the rich, secrets that you can use to make your business and your life a success? What Rich People Know & Desperately Want to Keep Secret reveals the habits and principles that guide the wealthy's approach to life and their secrets for business and money making. Author Brian Sher, one of Australia's top marketers and businesspeople, uncovers what the world's richest people know that everyone else doesn't! Presented in an easy-to-read format with simple, practical, yet innovative methods for enriching your life and enhancing your bottom line, Sher explains:

• Why most people never get rich
• How to be unique in marketing yourself and your business
• The advantages you have that your competitors can never have
• How to prepare for, manage, and conquer the complexities of life and business
• And much more!

Finally, the mysteries of getting rich exposed, the secrets to getting everything you want out of life revealed. Dream big dreams, stay positive, and discover what rich people know—and watch the boundaries around your life suddenly disappear.

"A must-read. This book will increase the chances of success for anyone who dreams of being his or her own boss. Packed with common sense and sound strategies, Brian Sher shows how you can succeed and get a taste of the good life." —James W. Robinson, senior adviser, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and author of the bestselling The Excel Phenomenon, Empire of Freedom, and The New Professionals

"A good primer for the self-directed, self-motivated, and self-employed. If you want to get rich, this is your guidebook. This is the new bible for the self-made millionaire. Follow it well and reap the rewards."—Edmund J. Pankau, CEO of Pankau Consulting

"A delightful book. Sher espouses that being rich and nice should be
synonymous." —Robert L. Shook, author of It Takes a Prophet to Make a Profit

About the Author

Brian Sher has spent his professional life learning the ins and outs of management, marketing, and business. Under his guidance, he turned his upstart business, Vision Publishing, into a multimillion-dollar enterprise and one of the largest publishers of newsletters and summaries in Australia. Sher is a sought-after business coach and popular speaker, with a reputation as one of Australia's most dynamic and exciting marketers. He divides his time between Sydney and Los Angeles.
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