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Urvashi By Ramdhari Singh Dinkar

Urvashi By Ramdhari Singh Dinkar

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Urvashi was a fairy who, according to one of the many legends, was created by Indra. She was believed to be the most beautiful of all the Apsaras in his court. The character is said to be eternally youthful but always mysterious. This poem, unlike most of Shri Dinkar’s works composed chiefly in Veer rasa, is written in Shringar rasa, which could roughly be translated as the romantic or erotic love genre. This work won him the most prestigious Jnanpith Award in the year 1972. This work showed that Ramdhari Dinkar had a wide armoury of writing styles and is regarded as one of the best works ever composed in the language of Hindi.

About the Author

Ramdhari Singh Dinkar was one of the most revered Hindi poet, a patriot and writer in India. His poetry was mostly based on patriotism as freedom struggle was at its peak during his time. His works inspired many thousand Indian hearts to fight for the nation’s freedom. Shri Dinkar’s works mainly emanated from Veer rasa except for the amazingly written Urvashi. He is one of the Rashtrakavi – a national poet – of India as his works were brimming with patriotism and still continue to. He is the recipient of many awards and recognition. Some of his notable works are Hunkar, Itihas ke Aansoo, Parashuram ki Pratiksha, Koylaa aur Kavita and Atmaa ki Ankhe.

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