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Sahara by Paula Constant

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Having walked more than 5,000 kilometres from Trafalgar Square in London to Morocco, Paula Constant finds herself at the westernmost edge of the Sahara Desert—and the brink of sanity. The wheels have fallen off her marriage and her funds are quickly drying up, but she is determined to complete the second stage: walking through the romantic Big Empty of Northern Africa to Cairo. Sahara is the story of Paula's struggle to come to terms with the loss of her marriage, overcome her innermost demons and take control of her journey, her camels, and the men she hires to guide her through one of the planet's most extreme regions. Illness, landmines, and political red tape are only some of the obstacles that stand between Paula and the realization of a life's dream. Sahara is a thrilling adventure and a story of joy, heartache, inspiration, and despair. But above all it’s a celebration of the human spirit in all its guises.