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Pratikultevar Mat by A. G. Krishnamurthy

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ay, we all see the vast empire of "Reliance` built by Dhirubhai Ambani. We praise him for his good luck, for his efforts. We must realize that while in the process of building this empire, he had suffered a lot. He underwent tremendous pressure, competition. He faced very difficult and tough situations. But he overcame everything; he wanted to fulfill his dream of a vast empire. He conquered it. The success Reliance and Dhirubhai have achieved is so spectacular that mostly all fail to see beyond it. He has struggled, suffered and sacrificed so much for achieving his dream. Very few realize this. This story of Dhirubhai will give courage to people reading it; they will be filled with a passion of dreaming and later working towards achieving it. Dhirubhai`s victory will give them courage to pursue their dreams. At the same time, it will make them realize that "we have to lose something in attempt to gain something.` This is the story of success and indomitable optimism, this is the story of conquer over the adversities of life. A.G.Krishamurti, is the Founder-Chairman and Managing Director of "Mudra Communication` an advertising company. He established the company with a mere deposit of 35 thousands and just one customer. Today, after 9 years, Mudra Communication is one among the three topmost companies in India. Mr. Krishnamurti is the Chairman of AGK Brand Consulting. He is a resident of Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. He stays there with his three daughters and one son.