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Oops I Fell In Love by Harsh Snehanshu

Oops I Fell In Love by Harsh Snehanshu

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About The Book

Oops! ‘I' Fell In Love is an Indian college love story set in IIT-Delhi. This modern time love story was written by Harsh Snehanshu.

The story is about how love is possible between not only people of different cities but of different personalities as well. In this story, Kanav Bajaj is a new hopeful engineering student at IIT-Delhi from a small town in Indore. Since he was from a small town, the big metropolitan city was intimidating him and he struggles to fit in. He being a shy and studious boy falls in love with the unlikely Tanya, who is completely opposite in nature compared to him. She is a cheerful girl from LSR, Delhi.

Snehanshu also includes a few more interesting characters such as Kanav's friends Aryan, Anuj and Sameer, who add life to the story. Will Kanav and Tanya have a beautiful love story in IIT-Delhi amidst the social, college and parental pressures or will their differences keep them apart?

This is an interesting love story written in a witty style by Harsh Snehanshu. The story promises twists and turns in their relationship. Oops! ‘I' Fell In Love was published by Srishti Publishers in 2009 which is now available in paperback.

Key Features

  • Author of Oops! I Fell In Love Harsh Snehanshu is a graduate of IIT-Delhi. His experience gives the story a more realistic feel.
  • The other stories in this trilogy are Ouch! That ‘Hearts' and She's Single, I'm Taken have already been released.
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