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Navi Pahat by Osho

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With his infallible power of speech, unfailing voice and peculiar thoughts, Osho has captivated the highly intellectual people. This book is the collection of 22 of his selected lectures. Actually, calling them lecture is an injustice to them, they are a blend of lectures and legends, they blend together all the qualities of these two forms. Once we start reading this book, we will not be able to notice the time that is passing, we will be lost in it. The title itself is a symbol that Osho considers everything from a different angle. In this book, he intersected the word `religion`. He admits to being religious though. For him true religiousness lies in being good, and having a perfect conduct. Have we understood it earlier? Religion has affected the public opinion tremendously. It has influenced the society with views like god, sin and virtue, heaven and hell, resolution of mind, sacrifice, etc. Naturally, such a person will find Osho`s thoughts rebellious. It is impossible to come up with such thoughts unless one has studied pervasively, contemplated in depth and has immense intelligence. The peculiar features of Osho"s lectures are his sweet language with continuous flow, humour, and the jokes that he tells in between. Reading the book is like having a conversation with him in real. Even after completing the book we hear his dialogues in our mind. We keep on floating in the same environment for a long time.