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Moden Pan Vaknar Nahi by V P Kale (vapu)

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The name suggests the foundation of the stories. This is an exclusive collection of only 8 stories based on some whimsical characters. Every main character in all these stories has one thing in common. In a true sense, they are not whimsical; actually they have set their own doctrines and have stuck to them, no matter whatever happens. In one of the stories, the hero dies just because of his doctrines. The other story is based on the mentality of being lame; it proves that many a times those who are physically disabled are more firm than those who are physically capable of doing everything but have a lame and limp mind. One story is based on the insecurity; here the heroine who had refused someone whom she loved so much comes into contact with him again. She feels that he will blackmail her but fails to understand him, at the end, though very beautiful, her insecure mind shows its ugliness. Each and every story has some splendid felling or other to share with us, to reveal the vastness and the insularity of the mind.