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Mi Manus Shodhtoy by V P Kale (vapu)

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What is the initiative behind Va Pu`s writing? To tell in his own words, it is to find the human. "I am in search of human. Many times, I came across the human, in many forms, sometimes in true, sometimes in disguise; sometimes capturing it totally, sometimes he managed to escape though. This human has brought smiles on my lips and tears in my eyes; defeated me and lured me; gave me energy and made me tired; taught me to be introvert and extrovert at times. Still, my search is going on. It has not come to an end. I have a lot of patience; the credit goes to the human itself. This very human has increased my patience to wait more, my strength to hope more. Every search comes to a conclusion, a theorem at the end. My search has not yet come to an end but I have found the conclusion; `there are more good people in this world`…….."The stories of people with whom Va Pu had interacted; in his own words and style.