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Maza Mazyapashi by V P Kale

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Every upset mind should peep within. He or she will find a restless and wretched being there, just moving to and fro. A human life, successful or not, big or small, will always have a feeling of not getting or acquiring something which he wants, deserves. He is always full of discontent and feels that he deserves much more better in life which he is deprived of. This feeling teases him, shakes him and tortures him. Behind every depression, big or small, ego is the main cause which plays a very important role. Unless and until, we shade off this ego, no amount of blessings would pull us out of our grumpy mind. How do we come out of depression? How would the blessings reach our mind full of ego? Unless and until, the glass is empty how can we refill it? Poet Shantaram captures this feeling in perfect words, he says, "the one who smiles, drinks nectar`; how true is this. Once your ego is extinguished then what remains with you? Only happiness and good health of body and mind too. We are the worst obstacle for the peace of our mind. It is very important to remove this obstacle from our mind. In Kabir`s word this is "Sahajyog`, something achieved easily in the simplest manner. The moment this ego is burnt, life envelopes into a serenity. Your own house will become an abode, wherever you move will prove to be a holy place. But not unless your ego is shade off completely, totally, till then no matter how many blessings you acquire, it will be in vain.