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Laghu Udyojakancha Margadarshak by Michael E. Gerber

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Awakening the Entrepreneur Within How Ordinary People Can Create Extraordinary Companies Every startup in the world-before it was a startup-began as a dream in the mind of a visionary who had the audacity to take their mind somewhere it had never been before. But books on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship never fully address this single most important part of the entire process: how to dream, and how to take that dream and turn it into reality. Now Michael Gerber, renowned as the man behind E-MYTH, the man who taught generations of entrepreneurs to take their existing businesses to the next level, shows how ordinary people can create extraordinary companies-without any experience to guide them. For anyone whos ever dreamed of moving beyond their workaday job to create their own vision-or tried to do so and struggled-this book, from the foremost advisor to entrepreneurs worldwide-, will show them how they too can awaken their inner entrepreneur by focusing on the four dimensions of the entrpreneurial personality: The Dreamer The Thinker The Performer The Leader In Awakening the Entrepreneur Within, Gerber shows us how a successful venture- -and venturer-must embrace each of these four facets to succeed. This is truly an essential read for anyone ready to make their dreams a reality. About the Author: Michael E Gerber Michael E. Gerber is a small business guru, best-selling author (over 8 million copies combined sales worldwide), the Co-Founder And Chairman of Michael E. Gerber Companies-a group of highly unique Enterprise dedicated to creating world-class start-ups and to AWAKEN THE entrepreneur in every industry and economy-a company that transforms the way small business owners grow their companies and which has evolved into an empire over its history of nearly three decades. Michael E. Gerbers passion and genius for understanding entrepreneurs and the workings of small business is the cruz of his tremendous global appeal and success.