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Jidnyasapurti by Niranjan Ghate

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Today we see competition in each and every field of life. If you want to sustain in this world then you need to have knowledge about each and everything. In today`s world General Knowledge is become the key world, the various competitive exams, the various quiz programmes organised on the T.V. are also responsible to this. General Knowledge is not something that we can learn by heart in a day or two. Especially, when you want to learn something that is related to science and if you acquire knowledge of other things related to the topic that you are interested in, then it becomes easier to learn and remember the main information. We use many things, we come across many things, we make use of the various properties of substances, but how many of us can answer questions related to these properties? Do you know how the hotness of chilly is counted? Those who use chilly powder won`t be able to answer this question, but if you have read this book then you surely will be able to answer this.This book is a collection of many strange, peculiar, queer things. It consists of scientific information and answers to many questions related to geography.