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Igin by Mahadeo More

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Stories by Mahadev More highlight the lives of the downtrodden, of the lowest lower class. Some of them have a serious approach while some reflect humour. On the outskirts of the very few middle class people lays the vase universe of the workers, dalit, etc. These stories are all about their lives, their styles, their problems, their moments of happiness, etc. The versatility of subjects is the peculiar feature of these stories. The author has spent his life with them, he has labored on the farms, worked in an automobile workshop, driven a taxi, run a flour mill. During this journey, he came across many seeds for stories. He has sown them and nurtured them. His stories are not just entertaining, they have the qualities to make us stop and think about others. He has not captivated his language in any of the artistic presentation. His words are very simple. Yet, he has added substantially to the Marathi literature.