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German Made Easy by Diego A. Agundez

German Made Easy by Diego A. Agundez

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German is a very important language spoken by approximately 120 million people across the globe. Its importance has been growing more and more on account of the extensive role that Germany plays in world economics and finances. Several giant enterprises of the world are German and the country boasts of having the third largest economy. Hence, the importance of German language is indisputable, Since German is a West Germanic language and ties to English and Dutch languages, it presents some degree of difficulty to new learners due to its vocabulary, three word genders, case system and rigid syntax.

Goodwill's German Made easy is a steady, consistent and systematically arranged book focussing on teaching and explaining German in simplified and systematic manner to its readers. The book explains the language starting right from its alphabet moving towards the rules of Grammar and then explaining how to converse in German by giving dialogues useful at different meet-ups and occasions.

Learning a language does not include only reading and writing but also how to speak it fluently. If you do not know how to speak a language fluently, then your learning is incomplete! You must know to pronounce the words well. To resolve this concern, we have included an audio CD with this book to help our readers learn how to pronounce different words of German in native accent. It would certainly accelerate their learning process and boost their confidence while conversing in German.

So the book is a complete pack of learning German at an affordable price. It will not only embellish your bookshelf but also make you an efficient German speaker.

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