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Badi Soch Ka Bada Jadoo By David J Schwartz

Badi Soch Ka Bada Jadoo By David J Schwartz

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Thinking big and staying positive and motivated all the time is a tiresome process in itself. Many people might say that thinking big is the key to success, but in this book, the author goes on the detail on exactly how this is possible.

It is not just the actions that make a man; his thinking is a reflection in the still waters of his mind. These thoughts when properly oriented can change his/her life completely. Happiness lines the path each day but some might be choosing to ignore it because of their preoccupations with family, job and society.

Dr. David Schwartz urges the reader to set his aspirations high and keep on the track to achieving them by staying motivated and positive consistently. This self-help book with a program to resolve stress and enhance the supremacy of intellect, illustrates stories of many who attained their goals by visualization.

The author describes the three vicious diseases that corrupt the mind—excuses, details and procrastination. The book can help in building confidence, a positive outlook and mentality. It may also enhance the reader’s limits of thinking, enabling sound decisions and a happier life.

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