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Trust Me By Ryan Holiday

Trust Me By Ryan Holiday

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Trust Me is the story of Parvati, a girl who learnt a very hard lesson late in life, but learnt it well: all men are bastards.

While working in an ad film company, she came across Karan, whom she thought was The One. Unfortunately she thought wrong. She turns to her fatherly boss, Mr. Bose for comfort, but he turns out to be as bad as the rest. Parvati quits her job and joins a film unit in Bombay where she encounters men, too many men. There is Jambuwant Sinha, a Bombay film-maker, making his latest feature film. He believes in white shoes, black money and the casting couch. There is Manoj, his chief assistant, who makes a pass at every woman he meets because he doesn't want anybody to feel unwanted. And there's Rahul, an actor who claims to have fallen in love with Parvati.

Parvati is older now and she thought she was smarter. But she finds herself questioning her new-found wisdom as she begins to like one of these men just a little too much for comfort.

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