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This Unquiet Land: Stories from India's Fault Lines by Barkha Dutt

This Unquiet Land: Stories from India's Fault Lines by Barkha Dutt

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This Unquiet Land is a peep into the complexities about India as a nation on the move. Based on the author's real life experiences, from a time when she was a reporter on the field, to the behind the scene deals in the highest power circles, the book is a compelling read for anybody interested in India and its problems.

The book also covers the impact TV has had on the masses and how news on TV makes such a big impact in the long run. Having a ringside view of some of the most gruesome incidents and realities, Dutt records her take about some recent crisis and events that the nation has been witness too.

She covers the issues of war, terror, gender biases, caste wars, religious fanaticism, dynastic politics and Kashmir. She also covers the emerging responses and the changes taking place in the social order.

The book, by and large, has been appreciated for trying to be fair and unbiased to a large extent. The book lays bare the lies and secrets, the triumphs and torments and the villains and heroes of India.

India being a country where everything becomes front page news, Barkha has very smartly chosen to focus on a few flaws of your system. Her description is riveting and defines herself as an unapologetic feminist.

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