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Thikari By V P Kale (vapu)

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All the stories that are compiled under this title are actually the product of 1970s. Today, one might consider many of the ideas as a fancy, like the Police blowing his whistle the moment he saw a girl and a boy in a college talking together or the rate at which beer was available with the Irani, etc. Those were the days when Rs. 10 were more than enough to fulfill all the demands of a teenager. One will enjoy these stories more by being considerate about the styles and prices during the last century. All the stories which are printed under this title were previously published in the monthly Marathi magazines like ‘Buva’ and ‘Vatvat’ which were very favourite among all. Today, after a period of almost half century, these haven’t lost their fragrance and the ability to make one enjoy them. One might not find them to be highly humorous, but they sure are able to pinch the lighter vein of the mind.