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The Cooler by George Markstein

The Cooler by George Markstein

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A legend on the book's dust cover stated "The secret that can only be told as fiction" and inside a short dedication read - "This story is fiction. But there was a Cooler. Those who know about it don't have to be told any more. Those who don't can't be told any more." Captain James Loach, a.k.a. Pierre, was set to embark on his latest mission - Operation JESTER. Then came the message - operation JESTER cancelled, all agents killed except Simone. But Loach already knew too much and found himself assigned to the Cooler with the impressive Claire. And in the Cooler, they were to find that amongst their number was a highly trained, and extremely deadly, double-agent. Just how long could they keep one step ahead?

About The author:

George Markstein was born in Berlin in 1929. His family fled Germany in the thirties. He became a journalist and was a correspondent on a US military weekly running the London desk. In the sixties he became a story consultant and story editor initially at ABC television and subsequently at ATV where he became Story Editor of DANGER MAN, starring Patrick McGoohan. George had heard of a British military intelligence facility for compromised agents who were deemed a security threat. Here they were left to cool off before being returned to the field or retired. This premise became the basis of Markstein's origination of THE PRISONER - the story of an unnamed agent who resigns his post, is kidnapped and finds himself interred as `Number Six' in `the Village' where everyone has a number and no one can escape. THE PRISONER established classic Markstein themes of the state versus the individual and the paranoid nature of the intelligence world, something which is very much still with us today.

25 years ago, in January 1987, George Markstein died. Mainly known as a tv writer, during the last 15 years of his life he concentrated on writing books, The Cooler being his first. Pekingese Publishing is re-publishing THE COOLER on eBooks to mark the 25th anniversary of his death.
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