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The Argumentative Indian by Amartya Sen

The Argumentative Indian by Amartya Sen

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The Argumentative Indian: Writings on Indian History, Culture and Identity has been written by none other than Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen. The book comprises of sixteen interlinked essays that explain in detail the rich background on which India has built its foundations on. In four sections the book tries to delineate the importance of perceiving contemporary India easily.

This book also goes onto explain the source of conflicting opinions pursuits and interests and yet how these conflicting situations are able to co-exist without many problems. It also goes onto write about how these conflicts help in creating a variety of opinions, varying cultures and abundance of viewpoints. Through this book, the author attempts to defend its secular politics and also tries to abolish the inequalities of issues like caste, gender, community and also the search for peace in the sub-continent.

This book also tries to analyze the environment of Hindu traditions, traditions prevalent in India and huge economic and social differences. It also speaks on the topic of India’s stature in the world.

About the author:

Amartya Sen is a renowned economist from India. He started out as a researcher and teacher and later went on to teach at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and later was a visiting professor at UC-Berkeley and Cornell University respectively. He has also contributed to his Indian roots by serving as a teacher in various colleges all over India.

Dr. Amartya Sen has been awarded many recognitions and felicitations some of which are Bharat Ratna in the year 1999, the Honorary Citizenship of Bangladesh in the year 1999, the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in the year 1998 and the 25 Greatest Global Living Legends in India by NDTV in the year 2013.

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