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Snehadhara by Ranjeet Desai

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Snehdhara: The final, pleasant manifestation of the divine talent of the Late Ranjit Desai! A person’s life is shaped by his fate, his character and his circumstance. In this collection of charactersketches – his last such work – Ranjit Desai gratefully reminisces about the different human beings ­– simple beings as well as great ones – that touched his life and with whom he developed some sort of bond. This is not a continuous autobiography. As it happened, different minor occasions have served to trigger recollection of intense memories of certain people. This is an emotional recollection of each such individual and the events associated with him, written by a sensitive pen. The characters described here are not ‘complete’ beings. These memoirs and sketches tell us about the encounters Desai had with each of these individuals and the way these encounters made a lasting impression on him. Our joy at presenting this collection written by the Late Ranjit Desai to the reader is tinged with sadness…because this is the last of his unpublished work that we are presenting in book form…