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Sitaram Eknath by Vyankatesh Madgulkar

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Eknathbaba cared for the village as a father would for his baby. A person with such nobility is very rare. Everyone wept for him. In contrast, his son was the worst. All the possible vices had congregated together to form his character.Not just Sundra, the gardener but each and everyone cursed him. Yet he preferred to carry on with his evil deeds. He had such rotten mind. He made passes at each and every female around bringing them hell of an inconvenience. He snatched lands by either extortion or charging excessive interest rate. He did not hesitate to take away the bullocks which he fancied despite of the protests of the owner. He found nothing wrong in cutting woods from ones place and constructing at someone else’s place. He made life miserable for all those living in ‘Chinchola’. He left no stone unturned while torturing all. The villagers kept quiet, fearing his money, his relations with the political leaders and his father’s good deed.But then there was a limit to the tolerance level of the villager. How far would he go on living with so many cursing him? How would he guard his estate? How would the heredity continue…?