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Sharyati Spardha Khel by A. P. Kharat

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Man is very much fond of competitions. All the competitors always try to overcome their opponents. But for this, you need to have competency and skills. These skills can be polished only in the limits of the rules and regulations of the concerned games. The participants and the spectators should be fully aware of these rules and regulations to enjoy playing and watching the game as well. There are many examples where the players had to accept defeat just because they were not familiar with the rules and regulations. The various sports and games organizations often change the rules and regulations of the concerned sport or game to make it more interesting, skillful and fast. The players practice and try to improve their game based on these changes. This change is a continuous process, which help to improve the game further. Through experience and experiments the negative points of the game or sport come forward and compel to change some rules to make it better. It is important to welcome these changed rules. The modified version of the above mentioned book gives us the information about the changed and modified national and international rules. They will be helpful to the sportsmen, trainers, teachers, and also the referees. We are sure that this book will be welcomed by all of them.