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Sandeh by Ratnakar Matkari

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‘I think that I am Shreenath…. I still think so… From within we are one and the same. Sometimes he wores the mask with my name while at others I do so to fool people.’ A jeep passed by speedily and very closely. It would have brushed up. ‘They are out to kill us!’ the terror in Shreenath’s voice was unmistakable. ‘They are out to kill us! Is this some kind of game that destiny is playing with us? It wants to kill us together; both the original and the duplicate, along with their fiancées.’ Once again the jeep passed by. It symbolized a kite swooping down from high skies upon its prey. As it misses the prey it goes back to get into action. What is going to happen now? We three are set upon the journey. Where? No one knows. How long? No one knows. We are mere puppets in the hands of destiny. Ten breathtaking stories! Each one creating doubt beyond imagination while piling up the tension. Ten stories that would really create doubt! Shaded with games played by human minds these stories take us to immeasurable height and fathomless depth at the same time. Matkari has once again proved that his stories are not just entertaining or pleasing. They take us beyond that where it is impossible to comprehend. They are terribly frightful. They are mysterious. These ten stories once again prove his command over words and themes and excellent manifestation of novel ideas. They underline his authority in writing such dubious stories.