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Sahitykacha Gaon by Anand Yadav

Sahitykacha Gaon by Anand Yadav

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You and me, everyone is the member of same society, so are thousand others. But, a very few possess a mind which is sensitive, contemplative and emotional too. This is surely a mind of a writer. The things which we consider as very simple are not so in the eyes of a writer. What we fail to notice in the simple modes and aspects of life have a hidden power in them, hidden meaning in them. It is the writer who finds a meaning favourable to the society in the simple things around us. He contemplates over them, as they touch very deeply his emotional sensitive mind. Many a times, it is seen that the routine cultural and traditional events have lost their true meaning over the period of time. The turn the rituals and the festivals take are sometimes not so elegant. On the contrary, they tend to be hideous in a way or other. But a contemplative mind goes beyond the rites and rituals, tries to find the origin of the rituals, the cultures, and the ideas behind having them. Once the idea is known then the same simple rituals, festivals are bathed in a certain aura. We love the simplest of them all. Once this meaning is made clear then our mind enriches with the very thought of them. An inquisitive personality often wonders about the origin, birth place, the events and the surroundings of a literature. This inquisitiveness makes it possible for any person to quench the thirst and to find the secrets of birth of literature. One also comes across to know the father of literature better. One finds immense pleasure in knowing the secrets. The stories under this collection are based on society, culture and literature. These will not only give the readers immense pleasure while leading life but they will make everyone think, at least for some time.

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