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Sabhet Kase Bolave by Shyam Bhurke

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Once the teacher asked the students a question- ‘Who is the greatest, a mother or a teacher?’ This got the whole class thinking. No doubt that mother was the greatest. But then the question was asked by the teacher. So he may not like the true answer. How could the students say that the teacher was not the greatest as against mother? A boy stood up and said, ‘Sir, I will answer your question.’ The teacher permitted him to do so. The student said, ‘The teacher is the greatest.’ The teacher was naturally very pleased to hear this. He asked the student to stand in front of the class and repeat loudly. The student came forward and said in a loud voice; ‘Mother sings lullaby and puts her baby to sleep while the teacher puts the whole class to sleep with his monotonous voice.’ This book shows us the various ways to make our talk interesting rather than boring. There are people who have stage fear. They are unable to speak in public. This book helps them to overcome this fear. This book also shows a path to great oratory skills to those who are already good orators. It will help to overcome speech anxiety. There are people who think that giving a speech is not their cup of tea. This book will surely guide them well on this particular path. Though a small book, it will help all to get prepared for future speeches-thousands of them-which will be thoroughly enjoyed by all the listeners without getting bored for a single moment.