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S Sukhacha by John Gray

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John Gray`s bestselling sensation for achieving personal success. HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT AND WANT WHAT YOU HAVE repackaged in a mass market, bformat. OPRAH WINFREY LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH SHE ASKED JOHN GRAY TO TAKE OVER AN ENTIRE EPISODE OF HER SHOW TO TALK ABOUT IT! Millions of readers have experienced John Gray`s healing advice through his Mars & Venus series. Now this master therapist takes therapy to the next level with a brilliant new personal success programme. Combining Western healing techniques with Eastern Meditation, Gray presents an innovative and proven method to become happy, confident, and at peace through his five steps to personal success. This book shows you how to: *Identify and take responsibility for the blocks to your personal success. *Understand your soul`s desire *Release negative emotions *Identify needs and take action *Decide what you want each day and put your life together in order to achieve it. John Gray`s book allows you to acknowledge, forgive and transcend the pain of the past in order to recognise & achieve your soul`s desire.