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Ranphule by V S Khandekar

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The Wild Flowers: The short essays included in this collection under the name "Ranphule` were written by V. S. Khandekar during 19271961. They were not published under one title till the year 2002. It is true that however beautiful the wild flowers fail to attract attention, because they remain deserted, untouched. The essays in true sense resemble the wild flowers, they are varied in colour, fragrance, shapes and each in turn is an example of eternal beauty. We are presenting these wild flowers blooming in the orchard of Marathi literature especially for the curious true lovers of literature, for the studious researchers, for the ponderous wayfarer to allow them to enjoy their beauty. In these short essays you will be meeting the matured thinkers. Many people have often thought that V. S. Khandekar always represented higher class, but these essays will throw light on the fact that he was also the saviour of neglected and down trodden people. His innovative picturisation of Kapinjal, Mahashweta, Pundarik, Vikarna, Ramdas, Hanuman, Pendya, Vriddhar, etc. will give us a new insight. This collection is a combination of rural sweetness and urban sourness. This is a magical potent of exclusive mixture. If you preserve it, safeguard it, it will become more explosive, so it is better to read it and digest it, isn`t it?