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Pune Ek Sathavan by Shyam Bhurke

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Pune, a city of culture, education and history; a place of happenings; a place with historical monuments, memories of many famous personalities from various areas of life-independence to politics. Great leaders like Tilak, Agarkar and Gokhale were born and brought up in Pune. They made this city their workplace and developed an ever-lasting impression on generations to come. They published newspapers, they taught the people about patriotism and dedication, they struggled for the betterment of society. Pune, a place where women strove hard to educate themselves and stand firmly on their own two feet when all over India the picture was not very impressive or hopeful. Pune, a place show-casing the high intelligence in many forms; a place famous for the typical characteristics of being a Puneite, a place where drama, theatre, movies, music shows, street food… all have special importance. Pune, famous as the education hub. Today, Pune is also acquiring name and fame in the industry area, information technology and many more. Globalisation has opened new vistas for people in Pune and entrepreneur from all over the world. Pune is accepting everyone’s presence in its vast environment and helping all to learn more about anything and everything. Research, arts and studies are a few of the areas attracting many to Pune. The writer of this book, Mr. Shyam Bhurke is impressed by the capacities and shades of Pune with its many educational institutions, many companies-a few to name are the Prabhat Company, Balgandharv Natya Mandir, Pune University, etc. Appa Balwant Chowk, the Nagnath Paar, the Lakadi Pool are a few of the names about which the author expresses his amusement and tries to find out the history behind these names. He also tries to find the roots of various cultural programs like Sawai Gandharv Mahotsav, Vasant Vyakhyanmala, Tilak Smarak Mandir, Bharat Naty Mandir, Balgandharv Mandir, etc. He explores the city and helps us to know more about the eminent personalities in the world of literature. This includes PuLa, GaDiMa (Madgulkar), Acharya Atre, etc. A book which would help us to know Pune in detail. Irresistible Pune; how can I not love you?