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Pudhakar Ghya Prabhavi Vyaktimatvache Sutra by Sanjeev Paralikar

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The title of the book is `PUDHAKAR GHYA` which means `TAKE INITATIVE`. There is no substitute for taking initiative. There may be substitute for Hard Work but there is really no substitute for INTIATIVE. Only hard work does not guarantee success and therefore hard work is replaced by smart work. However, hard or smart, without INITIATIVE work is not possible. Entire book talks about taking initiative in transforming oneself into better human being. It can be applied to any age group, religion profession and qualification. Applications of this book are so wide that it makes no differences whether reader is rural or urban, plumber or managing director employed or unemployed/ retired, working women or house wife, male or female, married or unmarried. Ten steps are suggested for TAKING INTIATIVE. First chapter talks about cleansing of one’s own thoughts (Vichar Shuddhi). Second chapter takes a step towards discovering the purpose of one`s life. Only clear thoughts can find out the purpose of life. Therefore, first step is essential to understand the meaning of this chapter which tells how to manage and organize the life around the purpose. Fourth chapter deals with the interpersonal relationships. It brings wining approach in interpersonal relationships, Chapter four deals with listening. It suggests that most of us don`t LISTEN, we only hear, Listening is intent. Chapter six tells us about the team building and team approach in day-to-day life. Chapter seven deals with the health. It suggests that real wealth is health. Chapter eight talks about relaxation and meditation for the mind. Chapter nine teaches us social responsibility and last but not the least chapter ten suggests us to be happy. It suggests not to postpone happiness. One can experience in present tense. Instead of working for happiness, let`s work out of happiness.