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Prayog Vanaspati Vidnyanache by ITOKAR D S

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We all like to see the greenery all around us. Similarly, most of us would love to understand more about the plant kingdom and the science behind it. All the young readers would specially love to know about the plants via the contents of ‘Prayog-Vanaspati Vidnyanache’ (The experiments to understand plant science). The many illustrations throughout will help children to learn about plants and will allow them to do small experiments. The beautiful and simple drawings will enable them to learn about the various parts of plants. A seed, its stages, reproduction, growth, etc. are also well explained and supported with diagrams and simple experiments. Sponge farming is a novel concept introduced here. ‘Pomato’ will be a completely new concept where a single plant will yield potato as underground stem and tomato as a fruit. This book will help children to enjoy various experiments without purchasing expensive instruments or spending a lot on anything. These all can be done out in the open. A must book for all the growing youngsters.