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Prasthan by Rekha Baijal

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In every mind itself is the great Himalayas and the blustering storm. The happiness and the sadness both attack you like a storm. They shred your personality into pieces. But Pranav, just remember well, when the ship gets caught into a storm, if the captain of the ship is in a dilemma then he sees the "eye of the storm`. You may call it the focus of the storm. It is really very peaceful at the center of the storm, unbelievably. Once the ship is taken to the eye of the storm then it remains safe. Just like this, we have to create an eye of the storm in a corner of our mind, deep within us, so still, so unspoken, so safe, in case of any stormy situation in our life, we should be able to easily retreat to this portion of our mind. Such a corner can be created, only thing is we have to make efforts for it. We have to involve ourselves deeply into some form of meditation or some work, get engrossed completely, forgetting the true self. This is also a form of life.