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Physics for Entertainment by Yakov Perelman

Physics for Entertainment by Yakov Perelman

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For physics students and science buffs alike, this clever and easy-to-read elementary physics handbook, recently mentioned in a New Yorker article, was a bestseller in the Soviet Union in the 1930s.

This book appeals to bright inquisitive minds and gives answers to basic questions about physics. The fundamentals of mechanics, force, work, friction, rotation, gravitation, and more are presented with timeless charm. Instructive and witty, the author singles out and presents ordinary facts and phenomena from a physics perspective, encouraging readers to think in physical categories. The anecdotes are enhanced by black and white illustrations. The English language edition was first published in the UK by Mir Publishers.

Chapters include:

  • Can One Walk Without Support?
  • Why Do Knots Hold?
  • You as Galileo
  • Can an Invisible Man See?
  • How to Dig Tunnels
  • Why Fish Have Bladders
  • And much more!
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