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Paryavaran Pradushan by Niranjan Ghate

Paryavaran Pradushan by Niranjan Ghate

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Environment is the most sensuous topic today. In Western countries it gains much importance during the elections. But in our country except a few agitations not much thought is given to environment. After the mishap at Bhopal we all had started to wake up to the problem of pollution but again after a few days, we went back to our hibernation period, pretending to sleep, neglecting the much serious problems related to environment. We must realise that environment and pollution are linked and interdependent. We must read each and every article included in this book. This new edition is much more modified. It includes many new articles adding to the information related with the environment. It will surely enhance our knowledge about the things around us. The speeches at different places like Akashwani, newspaper, etc, are compiled in this book. There is no specific link in this book. You can open it to any chapter and start reading it. Though related to each other, the topics included in this book can be read separately. The reason that "I do not have enough time to read this book completely` should not prevent anybody from reading it. Some points are repeated purposely as hammering helps to create an awareness.

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