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Parishodh by S. L. Bhairappa

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We are unable to know the actual meaning of life until we find the actual meaning of death. Only taking a birth is not enough. We should rise after death ! Only then we could find the meaning of Life. I tried to face death three times, but caught with a specific scene every time . I lost my senses, felt like whelmed with water in my head, as I can’t even breath yet can’t step out. As I’m trying to rise and somebody is pulling my leg down, surrounded with blackish green… going deep and deep and deep…… That’s true. We can’t know the importance of life until we pay for it. I haven’t faced a situation like this yet. Not undergone a terrible distress yet to attempt a suicide. Then, do I know the importance of Life ?? Can I say yes I’m aware of it ?? How my meditation works ?? By reading and interpretating ‘Classic’ literature. ! Taking an evening walk with the cold breezes in the air…. Coffee and discussions on the characters of a recent book we read….Trying not to hurt anyone….!! Is life this simple ???? NOT at all…….