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Pandhare Dhag by V S Khandekar

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The two world wars that took place in this century are two historical major events. Throughout the world they revoked reformation; social as well as cultural. India is not an exception to this, as Maharashtra is a part of India so it is needless to say that Maharashtra is also undergoing drastic reformation. At the time of second world war, there was young generation working around. They were inspired with an aim. They were born at the time of first world war, they were impressed by Tilak`s ideals initially and later on those of Gandhis. They were marching steadily towards their aims. They didn`t give a damn about their domestic or financial grudges. They wanted independence. Abhay is the representative of this young generation. He is stimulated he is all set for revolution when his sensitive mind notices the struggle for remaining alive, when he witnesses the condition of many whose life resembles that of an unclaimed child in a garbage pit. When he sees them wallowing in poverty he makes up his mind to walk towards revolution. Maharashtra in distinctly divided into two parts; one is of those upper middle class people losing their morals, their aims, and the other is of those lower middle class people who are intelligent and have not lost their sentiments. Abhay represents the intelligent and sensitive class. Many of the readers will find Abhay one of them.