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Nisatlele by Asha Bage

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various aspects of relations between a man and woman are stunning; they give a different mode to the concerned lives. It is definitely a hard task to balance between the relations, to understand them truly, to live life based on them, to hold them. While we are busy in balancing ourselves, many a times we lose what we really want to hold. Some golden moments run away from us. Still, in this losing, in this running away, we understand life, which itself is a never ending process. Asha Bage very tenderly unfolds the fact of life in front of our minds. The long companionship does not help us to understand each other clearly. Still life remains a question mark, it remains a mystery, it entangles the minds, it makes us hopeless and helpless many a times. Life also skips through all these, yet we never feel defeated with life; on the contrary, all these experiences give us more strength and hope to lead life courageously.