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Much obliged jeeves

Much obliged jeeves

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Much Obliged, Jeeves: (Jeeves and Wooster) is a Jeeves and Wooster novel. Bertram Wooster is the main fictional character in these novels written by author P G Wodehouse. Wooster is a rich Englishman and a member of the Drones Club, which is a gentlemen's club. Jeeves is Wooster's valet and a witty person who always helps Wooster out of the numerous troubles he gets himself into.

Like Wooster is a member of the Drones Club, Jeeves is also the member of a club called Junior Ganymede, which is a club for butlers. This club has a secret book with detailed accounts by the butlers about their employer's imperfect and not - so - gentlemanly characters and habits. This book somehow gets stolen and since it has explosive tales, it has to be recovered as soon as possible before it gets into the wrong hands. This could create havoc at the Market Snodsbury by - election. Jeeves tries to find the book back and this novel eventually introduces several of Wodehouse's popular characters later on.

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