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Mrutyu Mazya Umbarthyashi by Khushwant Singh

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The death has a warrant in its hands, whose name is at the top today? Death, the eternal truth, the fact which is breath-taking, sad, gloomy. Everyone looks at death from a different aspect. Some consider it to be the end of life, and for some it is beginning of a new life. Some feel that dying is changing bodies by the souls. Some feel that death is being nothing. And some feel that it is a full-stop to everything. What is it actually? When the body becomes lifeless, what happens to the soul? What happens to the mind situated in the body? What happens to the feelings in it? Many such questions remain unanswered. Death is considered to be a blow, bereavement, an agony, a pain, much crying, much mourning. Death is a very serious topic. But this very death meets us in every article under this book in the peculiar style of the author in a very straight forward way. His articles on many of the famous personalities reveal the unknown sides. They make us laugh, think, cry, and they bedazzle us.