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Mosaic by John R. Maxim

Mosaic by John R. Maxim

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One of America's most proficient and original suspense novelists - the New York Times bestselling author of The Shadow Box and Haven-author John R. Maxim delevers his most fast-paced and chilling novel to date.

The U.S. Government has sanctioned two top-secret scientific experiments overseen by a shadowy figure known for his brutal efficiency. The aim of these twin covert operations is dark, sinister, and potentially devastating: to use Multiple Personality Disorder to create the perfect assassin. Even children are considered prospects.

Under orders from a troubled and secretive superior officer, Major Roger Grayson has launched an investigation into the goings-on behind the electrified gates of the Belfair mental health research facility. An operative with the uncanny ability to adapt to virtually any undercover situation. Grayson fears what this assignment will reveal about the nature and inhumanity of these projects...and about who - and what - he really is.himself.

It is also leading him to Susannah Card, a beautiful, talented and accomplished young woman who is everything the projects' masterminds are searching for: a natural "mosaic" - a multiple with total dominance over her separate personalities. But Grayson's attraction and growing feelings for the remarkable Susannah is drawing a lethal nighmare from his past into their lives. And now it will take all his exceptional skills to prevent Susannah from being sucked into a grim experiment born of greed and madness that is suddenly going brutallt, horribly wrong.
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