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Mohtaramma Te Amma by Sudha Gokhale

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The beautiful has been made ugly since 1947, the year of our independence. Very strange! But it`s a fact! The writer blames the terrorists, the fanatics there, the Central and the State Government, their dirty, selfish politics and all the political leaders, irrespective of their parties. During the period of terrorism women in Kashmir were raped not only by the militants but also by the soldiers of Indian army, who were supposed to protect them. There was no exception for this ugly and inhuman behaviour. The only criterion was that it should be a human female irrespective of religion, race, caste, creed and even age - All female reanging from 10 years to ladies of 50 years! The hideous takes of their agony gives goose bumps. Because of the terrorism the paradise is almost burnt out and is still burning! The writer had the utmost courage to go into the `jaws of death` and talk to some militants! Their meeting was a horrible experience. It should be read in her own language. Staying with an educated Muslim family for about 25 days, showed this exemplary courage. The exchange of her experiences and thoughts with Rashid and his wife as well as with some of his friends are inscribed in a vivid language. In short, those who want to visit Kashmir even as tourists should take into account all this background and think seriously about the burning questions of Kashmir for about sixty years. All others who are unable to visit Kashmir should at least read this book and other books related to it. There are references of same other books and documents which should be read and thought over! That would serve the purpose of writing this book. Hats off to you, Sudha Tai!!