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Miraculous Effects Of Acupressure by Dr. L. C. Gupta

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Acupressure technique, which has been derived directly from the puncture technique, has not been an unknown procedure before. Acupressure is one of the simplest, effective and safest methods under which certain reflex points are stimulated by giving pressure with the help of thumb or fingers or with the help of some instruments specially designed for the purpose with a view to relieve the body from aches, tension, fatigue, pains and disease without administering any medicine. Whenever one falls sick, one has to take recourse to medical science for the treatment of the disease. It is of immense importance to explain/understand in this context that there is no point or effort in undermining the effectiveness or suitability of one pathy over the other. Acupressure is one of the oldest and effective method of healing. It is based on nature cure. The simple theory adopted and practiced while handling a patient is that the power to heal all the diseases is present in the human body itself. All that is required is to activate this energy and direct it in the right direction. To achieve it, reflexology is followed while healing through acupressure.