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Mhane Kabir Diwana by Osho

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Suspicion is believing that `I know the truth.` My experience is very small, truth is way too big. My backyard is too small, it is not the whole sky. The window of my house is also very small, but the frame in which it is built does not frame the sky in it. I can see out of the window, yet I must understand that window is not the sky, this understanding is faith. Very few are as crazy as Kabir. He is terribly crazy and his craziness has such powers that if you are lucky to get even one drop of his craziness then you should consider yourself to be the most lucky person of all. If his craziness touches you even a bit, then you will remain healthy, calm and quiet throughout your life. If you adopt a bit of his craziness then you will start dancing and singing like him. It will give you ultimate pleasure. Osho has presented his thoughts extensively on all the world famous and valuable litterateur. He not only excoriates them but he creates a perfect harmony. He has given fragrance to gold. Osho resembles Kabir the most. This huge labyrinth has been built by Kabir and Osho together.