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Mein Kamph BY Adolf Hitler

Mein Kamph BY Adolf Hitler

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Old Book in Good Condition

This book by the world’s most prominent and controversial dictator in political history of the last two hundred years is an autobiographical account of Adolf Hitler’s political strategy and his manifesto for Germany.

The first volume of the book was dictated by Hitler to his deputy Rudolf Hess while he was imprisoned for his “political crimes”. The first volume was scheduled for release in 1925 and was considered as Hitler’s means of completing his financial obligations and expenses for his trial. The second volume of the book was released when Hitler was free from prison and described his struggle towards realizing a historic destiny for Germany.

Through the book, the narrator describes his hatred of communism and Judaism, which for him are the world’s twin evils and his life’s journey towards becoming the anti-Semitic and militaristic person that the world knows him to be.

He announces his intentions of completely overtaking the parliament and his belief that the Marxists, Social democrats and the parliament were all secretly working for the Jews. Hitler’s genocidal theories surface from many passages in which he accepts that the elimination of the weak and sick will be far more humane than protecting them.

The book presents a vision of the Second World War that is unknown to the common world. Due to its racist content and Nazi ideology, the book has earned a reputation of its own. The author’s aggressive intent and militaristic comments make the book a controversial record of the political history of the World War.

About the Author

Leader of the infamous Nazi party, Adolf Hitler happens to be one of the most reviled men of the last century. From 1933 and 1945, Hitler was Chancellor of Germany. From 1934 to 1945, he also rose to become the dictator of the Nazi Germany. He is blamed for the death of millions the world over.

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