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Meghdoot by Kalidas

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The original `Meghdoot` is an epic by the famous Sanskrit poet, `Mahakavi Kalidas`. The figure of speech maintained throughout the epic is `mandakranta`. Every line of the epic is meaningful, revealing the meaning of nature and mind, explaining the beauty of nature and mind.Actually, each and every part of the epic is strong and beautiful itself, but the strongest is the way he has described the hero`s anguish on separation from his wife who is his lover too. Before Shantabai took the difficult task of translating this epic many had attempted to do so. Her style is simple, nowhere complex, her stanzas have a rhythm and a particular figure of speech is maintained throughout. While doing so, she takes immense care to keep the original form as it is. Her translation is so perfect that at times we forget that we are reading the Marathi version of the epic and not the original Sanskrit one. Those tender and sensitive minds who are fans of the epic `Meghdoot` will surely welcome this translation and those who could not go through it for some reason or other will also love this new `Meghdoot`.