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Meera Shyamrangi Rangali by Osho

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When the common man is crushed under sorrow, he blames God for his misfortune. But Meera thanks Him. “You liberated me from all entanglements,” she says. “You engineered all this so that I can worship You”. She does no realize when she has lost herself completely in this worship. Worship of God for her is worship of Lord Krishna and none other. She can totally surrender to Him who had come down as an incarnation twentyfive thousand years ago. Such devotion attracts ridicule, stigma and also attempts to kill such a devotee. Despite this the pleasant, peaceful, beatific smile never leaves her. We have never seen Meera, but in our mind’s eye, her image lingers. The Meera depicted by sculptors fills our imagination. ‘Yes, this is how Meera must have looked – blissful, beautiful, and unaware of the world around her and one with her Krishna’.