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Maze Mazyapashi Kahi Nahi by Osho

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Yoga is not suicide. Yoga is a very abstruse process, it is an art itself. The moment you start taking a single step at a time, you yourself will find that it is all there in your heart. You were actually born with it. Only thing is you yet have to make it evident, to bring it to reality. You are an unmanifested soul, you need to work on revealing it. The musical instruments are ready, but the fingers will take some time to get ready. Then the `bina` will start playing. As the fingers get trained they will produce more versatile music with more depth. There will come such a wondrous moment when you won`t even need the `bina` or your fingers to bring in the celestial music. All the four directions will play it for you. The music is always there in the universe, you just have to prepare yourself for it, you need to work on your capacity. That chime is known as `aum`.