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Manasa by V. P. Kale

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Iceberg, it is said 9/10th of the ice is beneath the water, only 1/10th is revealed on the surface. I may be wrong as my maths is not very strong; maths needs intelligence, which is what I lack in. That much portion of my brain was vacant, naturally; so that place I offered to my heart as an extra F.S.I. For me, poetry always is exclusive and important than maths, that is why I could meet many people. All of these people were the various forms of happiness and vibrancy, so I never counted the stanzas of my poetry. After all, counting involves maths and I prefer to be miles away from it. If we do not measure poetry then we come across a "Shrikant`, moving in the whirlpool, turning it upside down. Shrikant changed the direction of the iceberg. He turned it upside down. He wrapped the 9/10th of the iceberg in happiness which was otherwise full of calamities and mental tensions. His wife wrapped the cold ice into the warmth of her affection. What are his whereabouts? Shrikant Joshi, Chawdar Tale, Mahad; I dedicate this book `Maanase` to the human in him.