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Majal Darmajal by Kiran Bedi

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When the horizons are darkened totally then only a person`s faith on his plans and his working systems is tested, says Mahatma Gandhi. Dr. 106~ has very frequently faced situations where everything was unusually dark, but every time she has come out of the darkness successfully. This book is in a way her autobiography, in this she has written about the difficulties she faced while trudging along the path. She was felicitated with the `Social Sculptor` award on 22nd October 1997. This award is given in the memory of the sculptor Joseph Boej, which is for 14 thousand dollars. Persons like Dr. Bedi who have maintained their composure properly, who have a healthy and artistic mind are the idols for today`s society. Dr. 106~ set up her vision on the Tihar Jail. She implemented Joseph Boej`s views. She brought them into reality. She moulded the traditions to make the prisoners progress. Before that, the prisoner`s minds were full of negative thoughts, helplessness, hopelessness, apathy and melancholy. She ignited their minds with good thoughts and creativity. Her experiences which she has shared with us will remind the readers about her other books, `I Dare` and `It`s Always Possible`.