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Mahatma Gandhi Ani Teen Makade by Anu Kumar

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Mahatma Gandhi never said, “What can I do, I’m only one person.” Instead he said, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” And he did. The Mahatma and the Monkeysbrings together the most interesting incidents that shaped Gandhiji’s life and his most important sayings. From his quest for truth, non-violence, equality and freedom, from the lessons he learned, and from his powerful words, every young reader can learn to be a little bit like Gandhiji. Through what he did and what he said Gandhiji inspired millions of Indians and made one of the mightiest empires in the world bow down to his dream: freedom for India. That’s what made him an uncommon man and the greatest leader of the millennium. And that’s why, even decades after his death, his work and his words matter in today’s world. This book introduces Mahatma Gandhi to the young reader and, through anecdotes from the leader’s life, helps him or her understand the guiding principles of Gandhiji’s life and what he stood for. It also offers a carefully selected collection of Gandhiji’s quotable quotes for personal inspiration, or use in essays and speeches at school.