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Madhyaratriche Padgham by Ratnakar Matkari

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Have you seen him, the one who is totally bald? His face is smooth and black like a marble, his nose is shaped as a parrot`s beak. And his eyes! They look at you intently, they pierce you! I am scared of his eyes. It all started that day, actually it was night. I was sleeping near my daddy. All of a sudden, a noise woke me up. Whole house was shaking violently with the noise. It was a drum beating loudly, rhythmically. The beat was moving everything in the surrounding. Suddenly, the noise stopped. Then it was the sound of a honey fly, goo, goo, again the drum beats started. I was so scared, I tried to wake up daddy, it was then I realized that daddy was not in his bed. I was alone; there was no one else on the bed. Daddy was nowhere, I felt lonely! The darkness surrounded me and that drum beat was getting on my nerves. I screamed at the top of my voice." When you start reading these stories something familiar, something unfamiliar will create fear in your minds. It will freeze you; it will be so very realistic that you will forget that it is unreal. The fear never experienced before, but somewhere within you, deep inside, it will start beating drums in your mind. Listen to it carefully, surely it will clear your mind of all the hidden consciousness you had till today. This great author introduces us to our own fears buried deep inside.